Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Revival?

So, months ago I set out on this noble mission to blog about my life and my work and share some issues of college access, privilege, education, etc. with anyone willing to read. Once my weekly work hours became 50-60, I mysteriously lost time for blogging. Shocking, right?

Anyways, fear not, loyal readers, I still am having lots of education related thoughts, I'm just keeping them in my mind more these days. In an effort to revitalize the blog (and maybe decrease the amount of things swimming through my brain), I will provide you with a list of the topics I would like to blog about in the future (as in hopefully one post every few days, wouldn't that be nice?) if any of these seem particularly interesting, you should leave me a comment, which might give me that boost I need to start posting here again:

- Stories/Quotes from the recent 2 night/ 3-day campus visit I chaperoned
- ACT score updates
- Racism in the hallways?
- Our favorite sophomore interview moments
- Students doing drugs
- Recreating the campus tour to be more accessible to first generation students
- Reflections on "the power of one" concept
- who needs our services?
- The privilege of being "undecided"
- My biggest teaching mistake
- The stigma against 2-year/community colleges
- My new (part time) job!
- A summer opportunity
- Unpredictability in my students lives

Please do give me some input, or maybe I'll just go down the list and use this as my guide. Hope you're still out there, dear readers!

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