Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holy Matrimony

Lest you begin to think that my life is all work and no play, here's what we did a few weeks ago:

We got engaged!
Like our rings?

<--- This one's mine.

And this is Victoria's ->

We'll keep you posted on our wedding plans!

OK, well, that was lies. Here's what actually happened:

A few weeks ago I entered to win a variety of online contests on something I do every week because, well, why not? I saw that one of the contests to enter was for the Wedding Fair in the Minneapolis Convention Center. I thought to myself, 'oh, I know someone who is getting married! I bet Mitch would LOVE to go to this,' so I entered the contest. Low and behold, I won the tickets! And, of course, Mitch and his fiance had plans for the day so it was up to us to come up with a creative way of using the tickets.

Solution! We decided to fake our own engagements to two of our coworkers and go to the fair pretending to be planning our weddings.

Here are the lovely couples:

D.J. and Victoria

How they met: D.J. and Victoria ended up working at the same Caribou Coffee. Victoria didn't like him at first, but eventually he grew on her and they fell in love!

How he proposed: Unknown. But it might have involved pickles.

Wedding Plans: Jungle themed wedding at the Minnesota Zoo on July 28th 2012. Yes, this is a Thursday and it will be followed by a two-day reception. The bride and groom will wear loincloths and there will be plenty of lanterns around which remind D.J. of Thailand.

Me and David

How we met: Although we went to different schools in different states, one of David's best friends went to school with me and we met when he visited her one weekend. The rest is history.

How he proposed: It was the last night of Chanukah and as I went to light the first candle, there was the ring around the candle!

Wedding Plans: Late summer/early fall 2011, with either a red/orange/fall foliage or purple color scheme. We will be married near a lake where we will have our guests light floating lanterns over the water. The ceremony will be inspired by Jewish and Unitarian Universalist customs.

We like to think we were pretty believable. I even got complemented on my $15.00 TJMaxx ring. We got to taste some different types of food and cakes. We also watched a couture wedding dress fashion show and decided which ones we liked and didn't.

All in all, a really fun way to spend a sunday and some free tickets. Unfortunately, it appears that we have not won any of the honeymoons or dinner cruises we entered contests for, maybe next time.

I'll leave you with this image: Victoria and D.J. poking some mossy center pieces.


  1. Abby this is awesome-Dustin

  2. Dustin, come work with me next year and you too can have awesome adventures!