Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letting our Inner Artists Shine Through

Today was a review day for our students, we printed out a million review sheets an set them free. This led to some fun free time for me and Victoria during late session so we decided to draw pictures of ourselves on the white board.

We started off with Mitch:

Important characteristics to note: The blond hair/pale skin, the vest which he only wore once but it made our day, the hand rash (it's an issue), the college application in one hand and special official transcript stamper in the other. We think this is our best/most accurate drawing of the four.

Here's Colin! Essential traits: V-neck cardigan, buttoned, work shirt over blue apple store shirt (an ex-employer), skinny-ish pants, brown "dress" shoes, guitar, and he's singing his famous recruitment song, "Hey Sophomores"

Moving on to Victoria- it's important to note that Victoria pretty much always wears the same thing to work. Jeans, above ankle height boots, a work shirt, and a cardigan of the black or grey variety. She is shown here carrying an LSAT book, which if she's not actually carrying, she's thinking about in some way.

This is me. I'm told that I made the hair a little too much, but other than that I think it's a good representation. I always try to stretch the limits of my green work shirt by pairing it with various colorful cardigans that may or may not actually match. In the fall I also favored the skirt instead of pants, but this is changing. In my hands I hold a copy of Twilight which, by the way, I am not READING... I'm listening to it on cd during my commute (does that excuse it at all?)

So, here we are! For any of you readers who haven't seen us all in person, maybe this can paint you a picture.

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