Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Kinds of People We Were in High School

Today, one of my students, let's call him Lil Insane, came by to do a make up session. He's a hilarious kid who's smart, but you wouldn't know it by his ACT scores. As we were talking about essay writing, he mentioned how people never guess he's a good student who is on the honor roll based on his physical appearance (he's a tall African American kid who wears slouchy pants and always listens to his ipod).

Somehow we moved onto a discussion about how he would judge us based on our appearances. The conversation went as follows:

"Well, Victoria would be that party girl who's the life of the party and Abigail would be her friend who's always like 'No! Don't go with him'. "

So then we asked about Mitch and Colin:

"Colin's that cool guy, everyone thinks he's cool. Mitch was probably in Math club or something. Colin probably went to all of the parties but Mitch had lots of girlfriends."

This definitely made my day.

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