Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet the Office

Four of us work in the office:

There's me, Abigail , an East Coast transplant to the midwest who never spent a day in public school before starting this job. Dangerous combination? probably. I majored in religion in college but have no interest in becoming a professor... or a minister (well, Rabbi, actually) and I always thought I wanted to teach. Now I'm questioning whether or not I really want to do that- too much bureaucracy in the school system if you ask me, but that's for another post. I work with 40ish Juniors, and I'm worried that they think I'm too nice.

Disclaimer: I am writing these other introductions without the complete approval of my subjects. If they would like to introduce themselves they are free to do so.

Victoria- Victoria is my partner in crime, of sorts. She is the same position with me, and works with 40 other Juniors, though I don't worry that they think she's too nice (that's not to say that Victoria isn't a nice and wonderful person, which she is, just that she's much less of a pushover) . A little Type A, Victoria is always on top of things, usually with a lesson plan written before I even crack open the curriculum. Law school and lawyer-dom is Victoria's ultimate goal, but I think we've convinced her to put off that dream for another year and potentially come back to this job next year!

Colin, aka- Linguistics. In case this isn't painfully clear, Colin was a Linguistics major and, despite having graduated from college quite a few years ago, remains fascinated with the topic. Colin is our returner in the office- he knows the lingo at our school and the people to (and not to) talk to. Colin works with the 40ish students that he helped through their Junior year in their senior year as they begin to apply for college, financial aid, and tons of scholarships.

Mitch- Mitch has the same position as Colin, except that he didn't work with these students last year- which I think would make the job incredibly difficult. Three things to know about Mitch if you are going to continue reading this blog: 1. He's a twin, 2. He makes funny noises on occasion, and 3. HE'S GETTING MARRIED (more to come on all of these subjects, I'm sure). We also harass him the most... sad times for Mitch.

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